Quick. Efficient. Local.

We’re a small, locally owned and operated company with a long list of happy customers. We offer competitive pricing with no hidden fees. Working with us is easy and hassle free. Rains Junk Removal isn't a national company sending strangers to your home or business. We are a locally owned company and we know all of our employees personally. We only send people that we know can get the job done right the first time. If you want a local, reputable junk removal service - look no further.

Our Most Common Services

While we will remove almost anything you have, there are some services which are more requested than others -

Appliance Removal

Broken, old, or unsured appliances take up space, and often too heavy to remove by yourself. Let us get rid of these eye-sores for you!

Ex. Washing Machine/Dryer, Water Heaters, Stoves, Dishwashers, Refrigerators/Freezers, Air Conditioners

Furniture Removal

If the pieces of furniture are still in good condition we will donate or send to a recycling facility.

Ex: Armoires, Boxes, File Cabinets, Desks, Cubicles, Chairs, Mattresses, Sectionals, Sofa Beds, Couches, Sofas, Dressers

Hot Tub Removal

Ready to get rid of your old hot tub that is taking up space or has become an unsightly eye sore? We will break it down and haul it away. We make sure that your old hot tub ends up in the right place - recycled or disposed of. All hot tubs, Jacuzzis, and spas must have electric pulled from the disconnect before removal. Removal fee for any spa/hot tub is a flat fee of $350.

Television Removal

Old projection style tvs are boxy, heavy, and nearly impossible to move on your own. We all have these old tvs taking up space in our basement, garage, or stuffed in the corner of a back room. Let our tv disposal service save you time and have our professionals haul it out of your house without damaging your walls or your back. Let us do all the lifting and figure out the correct way to dispose of your electronic waste.

Curbside Pickup Junk Removal

One of our most popular junk removal services is curbside pickup due to your presence not being required. Instead, we take before and after pictures then email them to you to ensure your junk has been disposed of.

Foreclosure Cleanouts

Whether it's for a homeowner, landlord, or Real Estate Agent we will clean out the entire property and leave it in a broom swept condition.

Garage Cleanouts

Are you tired of not being able to access your garage, having to park your car outside, or having to unload your car in the rain/cold instead of in your nice dry garage? Instead of just shutting the door and letting the clutter take over, give us a call for a free estimate. It's time to let our professionals remove all your unwanted items so you can get your car back where it belongs.

Estate Cleanout

Estate Cleanouts

We have professional, courteous people working for us that treat every estate as if it were our own to help make it easier during the difficult time when one has to proceed with an estate cleanout. No matter if the entire estate is needing removed, or you need items removed after an estate sale. We ensure that all your items will go to the correct areas whether it be donation, recycled, or disposed of.

Basement Cleanouts

Struggling with a junk filled basement? Unwanted exercise equipment, rooms full of forgotten items, or whatever is taking over your basement, we can help. Our team will bag up any items that can be reused to donate to a local charity and then dispose of all remaining items to their appropriate disposal sites so that you can take your basement back.

Shed Removal

Do you have an old shed in your backyard that's falling down or just no longer needed? Our team has worked in property preservation for years and are experienced in tearing down/removing old dilapidated sheds safely. We will tear down the building, load all the debris onto our trailer, and haul it away without leaving any mess behind.

Construction Clean Up

Have you recently had work done to your house and previous contractors left the old materials laying around or old cabinets for you to deal with? We will come clean up all the left over lumber, cabinets etc and dispose of.

Fallen Tree & Brush Removal

Have a tree that's fallen over in your yard or stray brush debris from heavy winds or storms? We will come cut it up and haul it off.

Bagster bag removal

Bagster bags and other large dumpster-bags are not typically picked up by local trash collection services contracted by cities and townships. If you need Bagster bags removed from your property, we can dispose of them!

Carpet & Tack Removal

Removing carpet and tacks can take a lot of time and effort, especially when a lot of carpet is needing removed, and removing tacks can potentially harm the people removing them. If you are removing carpet or tacks, you can count on us for professional help!

Dumpster Rentals

Dumpsters are available for rental by both homeowners and contractors. Dumpster rental prices include delivery, pick-up and disposal fee. No paint, tires, chemicals, batteries or any hazardous waste are permitted in the dumpsters. Rains Junk Removal offers environmentally responsible waste removal and disposal solutions throughout greater Cincinnati with our dumpster rental and services.

Just About Anything Else

We will remove just about anything you no longer want or have a use for and we will do it at a reasonable price - except: hazardous waste, paint, thinner, oil, asbestos, fluorescent bulbs, and poisons